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Senior Grandmaster Joseph Halbuna

9th Degree Black Belt
Director & Founder World Kajukenbo Federation
President International  Kajukenbo Association
Pacifica Hall Of Fame
65 Years Martial Arts Experience
Senior Grandmaster Joseph Halbuna was one of the original 5 Kajukenbo Instructors
who left Hawaii, and opened schools in California.  His willingness to listen and advise
younger black belts is what made him special. was very lucky to
have him as an early adviser. His knowledge and leadership will be missed by the
Kajukenbo  family and other martial artists.   We hope the memory of him lives on
through the people and students who knew Him. We send our respect and love to the
Ahgung    Tony    Ramos
99999th Degree Black Belt
Founder Kajukenbo National Federation
January 11, 1930  -  November 14, 1999

Grandmaster Tony Ramos, was one of the original 5 Kajukenbo Instructors that opened
schools in California .  He first opened a school in Los Angeles then Fairfield.
Grandmaster Ramos was one of the best story tellers.   He could keep you mesmerized
while he gave you history of the Kajukenbo System. His true gift , was the way he trained
his fighters.  He had some of the best point competitors in California, they were always in
the mix for Grand Championships.
He was a fiery competitor and his students walked the walk not talk the talk.  We miss his
knowledge and leadership. His Family can be proud of the job he did for Kajukenbo.
Grandmaster Aleju  Reyes

9th Degree Black Belt

Grandmaster Aleju "Al" Reyes, one of the original 5 Kajukenbo Instructors that opened
schools in California ,stayed with the roots of the system. Training students hard, the way he
was taught.  He had some of the top fighters in Northern California. He was one of Sijo
Emperado's best students. He was usually the Head Referee in some of the biggest karate
His Legacy lives on with two Grandmaster's his son Alan Reyes, a top fighter in his younger
days and Gary Forbach his student. They both continue to have excellent students.                                                                                                                                                         Phone:  (831)  758-9093
722 Via Maria                                                                                                                                         Email:
Salinas, Ca. 93901

Sijo Adriano D Emperado
10th Degree Black Belt
Creator  &  Founder Kajukenbo System
Black Belt Hall of Fame
75 Years Martial Arts
June 15, 1926 - April 4, 2009

He Created the Kajukenbo System, held it together like glue, and he encouraged young
Instructors to create new techniques and forms to strengthen the system,  in order for
it to grow. He was a humble man and lived his life as such. There will be no one to take
his place. His legacy is cut in stone.
Sijo Adriano D Emperado was one of a kind.
The 5 branches must find a way to keep the system from going their separate ways.  
The core of the system must be kept in tact. We will miss him greatly, our  love to the
family but in Kajukenbo we are all family. Let us dedicate ourselves to keep  the system
as strong as we can on the Mat.
Sijo Rest in Peace
Great Grandmaster Charles Gaylord was one of the original 5 who brought  art of Kajukenbo to the mainland. He
founded the Kajukenbo Association of America and his Legacy will never be forgotten through all the Black Belts that
he trained. They remain strong in that association.  He always told it like it was, and what attitude he brought to the
system. His Gaylord method of Kajukenbo is part of the Kajukenbo System. He always gave his
true feelings when asked for advice. Our condolences and love to the family, he truly will be missed.
Great Grandmaster Charles Gaylord
Honorary 10th Degree Black Belt
Founder Kajukenbo Association Of America    
Founder Gaylord Method of Kajukenbo
September 24, 1936  -  August 4, 2009
Fremont  Ca.
Grandmaster Ming Lum
Grandmaster Ming Lum
Grandmaster Ming Lum
65 years experience
Choy Li Fut & Fut Gar
Honorable Member Kajukenbo
Chairman U.S. Division
U.S.-Phils. Martial Arts Federation
Shorinji Ryu International
U.S.A. Adviser
1926 - 2011
Grandmaster Ming Lum was known as the unofficial Godfather of Chinatown San Francisco to Martial Artists everywhere.
He has given advice and guidance to countless martial artists. We at were fortunate to have him as
our personal adviser. He truly brought respectability and humbleness to this group of fine martial artists. His character
was impeccable, his integrity beyond reproach, it was truly fortunate to have known this great martial artist. Our
condolences to the family he truly will be missed in the Martial Arts World.